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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the day that i went to hell and i survived

early morning til late evening. it was all about assessment. and we managed to kill it. we killed it well.

dokumentari harus gua bagi kredit handphone kat alip sayang. dia tak tido sebab nak siapkan. and the result was superbly good. i was amazed, like for sure if i'm the one who edit it. it wont come out that good. so thank you so much baby.
oh well, magazine's layout. this is the one that the word hell should be stick on it. i was struggling to finish it. somehow, sir mentioned about flying color so i did smiled for the rest of the evening. :D  

sir roy's baby. pinjam nak naik pi makan kat pakli sat boleh?

 lepas assessment,work kena puji model professional katanya. sir roy yang cakap,bukan kami.

and finally,sir roy gave me this ! senyum somemoreeeeee!!

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